Digital Marketing Learning

Digital Marketing Learning

Best 17 Resources for Digital Marketing Learning

The latest online buzzword is “digital marketing.” Either they want to build their business with digital marketing, or they want to become experts in the field.

Thus, you’ve come to the ideal spot if you want to master digital marketing so you may assist others in achieving their goals and obtaining high-quality visitors.

I’ll go over 17 fantastic methods in this blog post for learning digital marketing online. While some of the methods on this list require payment, some are free.

Therefore, the choice is totally yours.

There are two options available to you for learning digital marketing: paid courses or free courses. Choose the paid option if you are new to digital marketing; if you are familiar with the fundamentals, you can also learn digital marketing through Google.

Different methods to the examination of digital marketing

Start your own blog

Creating and maintaining your own blog is one of the best ways to gain in-depth understanding of digital marketing. You’ll learn about SEO, social media marketing, WordPress, and a host of other facets of digital marketing when you launch your blog.

My personal blog served as a teaching tool for digital marketing.

Having your own blog will provide you with practical experience in a range of digital marketing areas. Things will be challenging at first, but as you work hard and put in your efforts, you’ll enjoy the journey.

In addition, having a blog allows you to work from anywhere, live without a boss, and earn money while traveling the world.

Take paid courses in digital marketing

In addition to blogging, taking a paid course on digital marketing is another way to learn about it. These days, digital marketing can be learned online as well as through a multitude of offline courses that can be found if you search the internet.

You must choose a course to begin your journey into digital marketing.

You will gain useful knowledge and help with job placement from the paid digital marketing course. You will also be qualified to receive a variety of digital marketing certificates at the conclusion of the course, which can improve the quality of your CV.

Go through books on digital marketing

You can also purchase and begin reading digital marketing books at a significantly lower cost if you don’t want to shell out a lot of cash for a paid course.

Although they won’t teach you much useful information, books are a fantastic resource to get started with digital marketing.

I read books to begin my journey into digital marketing, and then I launched my own blog to gain more practical knowledge.

You have two options for getting started: either purchase a book on full-stack digital marketing that goes from A to Z. A variety of books on digital marketing subjects, including SEO, social media marketing, WordPress, and much more, are also available for purchase.

Go through blogs about digital marketing

Reading blogs online is, without a doubt, one of the best free ways to learn digital marketing. You can stay informed about the most recent developments in the field of online marketing by reading blogs, which will also aid in your learning of digital marketing.

There are a number of blogs about digital marketing available online. You are not required to read them all, though.

It’s recommended that you bookmark and read a couple of blogs about digital marketing twice or three times a week. You could learn digital marketing with this, for sure.

In addition, reading blogs will help you expand your vocabulary, particularly if you don’t speak English as your first language.

Visit YouTube to watch videos

I simply don’t understand why people don’t leverage the power of YouTube for learning and development.

If you are truly serious about learning digital marketing, then YouTube is the place to be. On YouTube, you’ll find so many channels that are solely into digital marketing. Trust me; if you follow those channels and watch their videos for a month or two, then no can stop you from becoming a digital marketing expert.

In my opinion, digital marketing videos on YouTube are far better than reading blogs and enrolling in paid courses.

So, go to YouTube and just type “digital marketing” in the search box. Within seconds, you’ll come across thousands of high-quality lectures and videos.

 Take up an internship

An internship in digital marketing is a must if you want to pursue a career in the field. Globally, there are numerous well-known and multiple award-winning digital marketing firms. You must apply for the internship at a few companies that you have chosen.

I would advise you to apply for the internship even if it is unpaid.

You could gain insight into the workings of the online marketing ecosystem by participating in a digital marketing internship. It would also facilitate your acquisition of practical experience.

Also, a digital marketing specialist will be supervising you while you work. You will therefore be in a situation where everyone wins. Additionally, you might receive an offer for a well-paying job after your internship is over.

Additionally, you can search for internship opportunities on:

Numerous job portals, including,, and LinkedIn.

Follow social media influencers

Additionally, you can follow influencers in digital marketing on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Influencers and experts in digital marketing are very active on social media.

On social media, they post fresh content all the time. Therefore, you should seize the chance to learn about digital marketing.

I personally follow every expert in digital marketing on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Take in a podcast about digital marketing

Whether you like them or not, podcasts are becoming more and more common. Podcasts are listened to by millions of people worldwide, particularly in the areas of self-development, motivation, and education.

Therefore, you can begin listening to different marketing podcasts if you are serious about learning digital marketing. Podbean and Spotify offer a plethora of podcasts related to digital marketing.

To find a podcast about digital marketing, simply download the app.

Attend webinars

I love webinars related to digital marketing. These webinars, which are led by professionals, significantly improve knowledge and learning.

Learning about advanced topics that you may not be familiar with is one of the best things about webinars. The fact that PPTs are included in webinars adds even more value and facilitates learning.

You only need to type “digital marketing webinars” into Google to start watching webinars on digital marketing. And presto—many results for this search query will appear.

Enroll in complimentary certification programs

You can enroll in free online digital marketing courses to learn digital marketing for free if you don’t want to pay for paid courses. Although I’m sure they won’t add much value, free courses will undoubtedly help you lay a solid foundation.

After laying the groundwork, you can either launch your own blog to gain more practical knowledge. Your confidence would grow as a result, and learning digital marketing would be aided.

There are a ton of FREE digital marketing courses available on Udemy.

Obtain a digital marketing MBA

Do you wish to pursue a digital marketing postgraduate degree?

If the response is in the affirmative, you should pursue an MBA in digital marketing.

For individuals who wish to study digital marketing in-depth, an MBA in the field is a specialized degree. Numerous digital marketing modules, including SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, and much more, are covered in the MBA program in digital marketing.

An MBA in digital marketing can be pursued by anyone with a minimum cumulative GPA of 50–60% or an equivalent CGPA in their bachelor’s degree.

Obtaining a digital marketing MBA is highly advantageous as it offers competitive salary packages and placement opportunities in prestigious companies.

Digital unlocked by Google

How can we overlook Google when it comes to learning digital marketing?

Google has launched a platform called Google Digital Unlocked in an effort to disseminate information about digital and online marketing. This platform offers free education on a variety of topics, including SEO, digital marketing, and expanding a business using the internet as a tool.

What you will discover at Google Digital Unlocked is as follows:

The best thing about this program is that each Google module is taught by a professional trainer, and it is totally free. So, why do you hesitate? Use Google to learn about digital marketing.

Seminars and conferences on digital marketing

Attending conferences and seminars on digital marketing is another way to learn about the field. Thousands of global conferences and seminars on digital marketing are held annually; by attending one of these events, you can gain insightful knowledge.

These seminars do require a fee for admission, but it is well worth the time and money.

These seminars and conferences are where many industry leaders, digital influencers, digital entrepreneurs, and experts share their knowledge. It would be fantastic to gain knowledge from these professionals.

Make use of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has developed a learning portal with a plethora of courses for skill development and enhancement. Yes, this platform offers courses on digital marketing as well.

This portal’s only drawback is that it costs money.

Only premium LinkedIn members have access to the portal, but you can still watch all required lectures and get a free demo.

Participate in Facebook groups

Facebook groups can be an excellent tool for education and skill development if used wisely. You’ll notice that many bloggers and online marketers have created their own Facebook groups these days. Without fail, you should join these kinds of groups.

On these groups, bloggers and digital marketers frequently share content, lectures, videos, special offers, and other resources.

As a result, you can sign up for these groups and study online digital marketing.

Participate in forums for digital marketing

In addition to Facebook groups, you can participate in a number of online forums for digital marketing. There are paid forums as well as free ones. As a result, you can learn about digital marketing by joining the free forums.

You can ask questions and share your doubts about digital marketing on forums. If you’d like, you can participate in conversations and impart your knowledge.

One more benefit of participating in digital marketing forums is that you can find a variety of offers, discounts, and exciting deals there.

Take a stab at freelance work

You can give freelancing a try after you have established solid foundations. You attempt to finish a number of freelance jobs related to digital marketing that you take on.

You will receive a substantial payment if you add value for the clients. It will also give you more self-assurance, and you can open your own digital marketing agency afterwards.

You can build your portfolio and profile on a plethora of freelance websites and submit bids for jobs.

You should try to attract foreign customers as they have greater purchasing power.

Frequently asked questions regarding digital marketing

Digital marketing: what is it?

Digital marketing is a type of advertising that makes use of social media, blogs, online platforms, the internet, and other similar tools.

What is the scope of digital marketing?
Digital marketing has a very broad scope. It would undoubtedly be beneficial to anyone looking to learn digital marketing in 2021. Digital marketing is a field with a tonne of job opportunities.

Which kinds of digital marketing are there?
Digital marketing comes in a variety of forms, including pay per click, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, blogging, and SEO.

How do I begin utilizing digital marketing?
Reading books or blogs, signing up for paid courses, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, and many other methods are all excellent ways to get started learning digital marketing.

In conclusion, to summarize

Online and off, there are a ton of paid digital marketing programs accessible. Make sure you know exactly what you want to learn and keep your goals in mind when you decide whether to enroll in an offline course or learn digital marketing online.

There are many options available to learn digital marketing, whether you want to hone your skills or are a beginner who wants to concentrate on every facet of the field.

We hope this article is useful to you. Tell us how you decided to acquire knowledge of digital marketing!

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