Hyper Target Marketing

Hyper Target Marketing (HTM)

New 2020 launch by Big Line Data Systems (Parent Firm of THE LEADSBOOK), Hyper Target Marketing  a real treat for Business/Marketing Sector to have more strength & quality in the digital and leads capturing activities.

It is an LST (Location Search Trend) based ad platform that works with AD Cloud Technology.

How Hyper Target Marketing Works

  • Inject Ads into all the social platforms & apps through single click publish. Clients don’t have to put budgets separately on the platforms.
  • HTM creates a Parent Ad Controller for all the social channels to serve ads from one single gateway.
  • HTM automatically detects active device spots and creates a circle, polygon, and square type geofences around the geo-coordinates/geo-locations.
  • HTM Contour DNA – Identifies the profiles of the Prospects to provide analytics based on their location patterns, searching, and digital engagements.
  • HTM Data Profits – It provides organized data chunks for the clients for maximum business conversions. These are the real-time customer ad interaction fringes save into a dynamic HTM dashboard.

HTM is the finest Proximity Marketing tool that creates a cloud of ads and performs LST based rain of ads on its core target.

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