Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing

Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing

Pay Per Click(PPC): What exactly is it & there types

According to a Hanapin Marketing survey, 79% of marketers believe paid search marketing is advantageous for their company. In order to attract new clients looking for their services, nearly 62 percent of industry companies claimed they will keep increasing their  PPC marketing budget in the upcoming years.

In 2017 alone, almost 7 million advertisers spent $10.01 billion on pay per click advertisements, according to Social Media Today. One of the most widely used marketing frameworks for boosting return on investment seems to be pay per click. But what precisely is pay per click, and how can you take use of it to increase your online visibility?

Thrive’s PPC specialists walk you through the principles of PPC management by defining sponsored search and describing how it operates. You can build more profitable ads if you are aware of pay per click procedures. Discover everything there is to know about pay per click marketing and how our firm can assist you in being successful.

What is Pay Per Click( PPC)?

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a sponsored search approach used to promote items, build brand awareness, and immediately draw in certain audience segments. The term “pay-per-click” refers to the fact that advertisers with PPC only have to pay when a user clicks on one of their adverts.

When pay per click is spoken or heard, people typically think of Google PPC. However, pay-per-click advertising extends beyond the Google Display Network and search engine results pages (SERPs). Pay per click is also used by social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

PPC gives advertisers the ability to strategically put advertisements on a range of online marketing platforms, increasing the visibility of their goods and services to their intended audience. This indicates that the adverts you see online are pay per click.

What Types of Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertisements Are There?

After learning about sponsored search, the next step is to comprehend the many PPC marketing campaign kinds that can assist you in establishing your online identity and reaching the correct audience with your services. In close collaboration with your team, our pay per click advertising firm chooses the best PPC advertisements to employ in your sales funnel.

Depending on your objectives, there are different types of pay per click advertisements available:

Search Ads:

Search advertising is the most popular type for paid search marketing. Prospects who are already searching online for your brand’s offerings or industry will see search advertisements. For one-time campaign promotions or brief sales cycles, these pay per click advertisements are appropriate. Businesses looking to get solid, quality leads from new clients are advised to use search advertising by our pay-per-click advertising company.

Display Ads:

Over 90% of internet users are known to be effectively reached by display advertising. Display advertising, which target users who have visited websites connected to the industry, are displayed on Google partner websites. Display advertising makes the most of text and images to draw in online viewers and compel them to act. Our pay-per-click advertising agency suggests display advertising to businesses that cater to luxury or specialized markets and have long sales cycles.

Social Ads:

The pay per click advertising market with the quickest rate of growth is social media paid advertising. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn display social ads. They are designed to connect with potential customers based on a variety of criteria, including interests, networks, and hobbies. Brands that have a strong social media following and a highly targeted consumer base should consider social media advertising.

Remarketing Ads:

One of the best strategies to double your turnovers and connect with high-converting consumers is through remarketing. Remarketing ads entice past visitors to come back and assist them in completing the conversion process. Remarketing, in contrast to search advertising, is comparatively less expensive due to decreased competition and highly targeted client segments. With your PPC campaign, our PPC marketing company can generate noteworthy outcomes by utilizing intelligent PPC ad types and extensions.

Google Shopping Ads:

Ads from Google Shopping work well on websites with a high product volume. Prospects may examine the products and pricing on Google SERP before they even click on any website thanks to these PPC adverts, which show up as a carousel above or next to the primary Google search results. This implies that, under the assumption that your target audience has previously looked through every product offered on Google Shopping advertisements, every click you pay for has a better probability of converting. For eCommerce companies looking to connect with clients who are certain they want to buy from them, our PPC agency suggests Google Shopping.

In-Stream Ads:

YouTube ads are another name for in-stream commercials. These are pay-per-click advertisements that show up on YouTube videos, video partners’ videos on Display Network, and search results. Your brand is presented in a distinctive and memorable way by YouTube commercials. Facebook just introduced in-stream advertising, which enables businesses to run their adverts at video content’s optimal moments and organic breaks.

Gmail Sponsored promotions(GPS):

Direct response leads can be produced with Gmail sponsored campaigns. With GSP, you may directly contact potential leads through their email. In contrast to YouTube advertisements, GSP offers a click-to-call feature that lets potential customers contact you directly and become customers at any stage of your sales funnel. Our PPC company sets up your GSP to generate quality clicks and maximize targeting potential.

Local Services Ads:

Local service ads employ pay per lead technology. This suggests that there is no billing associated with clicks that do not generate leads. Advertising for local services is limited to a few markets, such as locksmiths, HVAC providers, electricians, and plumbers. To increase the visibility of local service providers’ enterprises to their target demographics, our PPC firm collaborates with them.

Amazon PPC Ads:

Amazon advertising is one of the PPC services that is growing in popularity on the internet. By placing sponsored advertisements in strategic spots across the platform, Amazon PPC ads give sellers the opportunity to increase sales, build brand awareness, and encourage more in-store visits. Thrive uses the technical know-how and proficiency of its PPC specialists to manage your Amazon PPC campaigns and raise your profit margin.


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