What is Geofencing Automation Marketing (GAM)?

Geofencing Automation Marketing technology works on location data analytics (Latitude & Longitude). Geofence is a virtual radius draw on global map geo-coordinates to fix a periphery.

And, within the set periphery who so ever enters into it is liable to receive ad prompts.

Ad formats can be push notification ads, banner display or pop up ads, or text-based ads.

Geofencing Automation Marketing (GAM) Works best with Programmatic Media buying and Device Profiling techniques. This technology ensures that an ad must reach the right audience at the right time at the right location and with the right message.

Geofences can be drawn in Polygon, Squares, or Circles. It can be applied to a building or parking slot or a shopping mall or any location zone.

GAM depends on the good concentration of engaged audience within the geofence radius. The GAM algorithm is capable enough to identify such potential Device ids to map the ads with.

Features of Geofencing Marketing

  • Publisher Targeting based on IP addresses with Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 User Engagement Matrix.
  • Reverse Dotting Techniques to capture the origin of Competitor URL threads. To grab the Audience from Potential Web Links.
  • Individual Device Capability Assessment – This gives more accurate ad penetration based on the volume of apps a particular device has installed and had in their inventory.
  • Ads of your taste – Systems capture the insights on what sort of ad content design entices a user a lot – This is to understand one’s ads liking the psychic or digital taste.
  • Like to Hike – This is mainly for the social networking web portals like Facebook – Here, an ad is not only served to you but to your top 5 most interacted friends too – The reason is to give a targeted user more confidence on the ad if the ad has been liked by any of his/her most interacted friend or friends.

This type of marketing filters the pure business leads for conversions.

Client Prerequisites:- Latitude-Longitude, PIN CODES, or PHYSICAL Location ADDRESSES.

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