BIG LINE DATA SYSTEMS (BLDS India) was founded having experience providing IT consulting & services and outsourcing in the year 2015. We serve our software solutions with a blend of innovation to our clients in the areas of Offshore Web Development, Mobile development, Application-development, E-commerce Development, Web designing and Geo-fencing Automation Digital Marketing. We are proud to provide IT Solutions that help businesses radically cut costs and become more efficient, productive, and profitable.

We have been solving various IT related challenges and helping our clients in achieving their IT goals and objectives.
We serve our clients with high customer satisfaction providing exceptional competence, quality & commitment on projects involving Web and application development, SharePoint, IT Infrastructure & Network support.

Work Culture

When BLDS India was founded in 2015, machine learning marketing was not yet a real issue. But we already started to develop in-house ad management software for Google Ads. Since then, we have continuously expanded our platform to meet all digital marketing requirements with competence and speed, trustworthy transparency and passionate customer service. We have not yet reached our goal, as this is still a moving target at the moment, but we are on a very good way and are working daily to improve and expand our solution.

No matter what kind of support you need at what time, we are there for you. Your personal customer success manager can help you get the most out of our software and your marketing campaigns!

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