Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

20 Best Tools for Social Media Monitoring

Getting the most out of social media requires paying attention to what others are saying about you, your rivals, and the industry as a whole. After obtaining the data, you may analyze it and eventually arrive at social business intelligence. You can then use all of these insights to enhance your marketing plan and get to know your clients better.

This list of the best social media monitoring tools could be helpful if you’re new to social media. It’s a good idea to test out a few social media monitoring programs before deciding which one best meets your demands.

Though they offer a greater range of services, functionality, and in-depth research, enterprise-level products like Brandwatch Consumer Research elevate social media monitoring to a new level and cannot be replaced. Everything is based on your needs.

What is social media monitoring?

To put it simply, social media monitoring is the practice of employing a program or software to listen to online conversations. This includes monitoring content on millions of social media sites in addition to traditional publications. Social listening and social media monitoring are sometimes conflated.

What is social media listening?

Using specialized software tools, social media marketers and social insights specialists monitor conversations about important terms, businesses, and other topics through social listening.

Social media intelligence technologies collect mentions, comments, hashtags, and pertinent posts from various social media platforms to offer real-time insights on user conversations, their sentiment, and other related information. Brands frequently use these insights to identify emerging trends, monitor online sentiment regarding them and their rivals, and incorporate this data into their marketing plans and strategic choices.

20 top tools for social media monitoring

1. Brandwatch Consumer Research

Brandwatch Consumer Research, our social intelligence package, offers an enormous array of functions and uses. It can track anything, including hashtags, your own channels, and particular words and phrases you want to monitor.

It may be configured to track extremely narrow or very wide topics using a configurable query builder. After then, you can obtain data from a number of sources, including forums, blogs, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and many more (more than 100 million internet sources and 1.4 trillion postings!).

Then there’s the option to create personalized views and dashboards, along with analytical features like sentiment, emotion, and demographic analysis. using the social media monitoring app The Hub, you can now access data on the go using one of the most sophisticated tools in the market.

2. Hootsuite

Several social media platforms are covered by Hootsuite, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Its social media management features are highly renowned.

When managing many social media accounts, the weekly reports and the great team management tools (such as assigning tasks and sending private messages) can be quite helpful.

Additionally, you can track particular search phrases in real time. Tracking mentions of your products, brand, or other related terms that you find interesting may be made much easier using this.

Additionally, Hootsuite enables you to compile content from several RSS feeds into one location for posting on your own or your company’s social media accounts.

3. If This Then That (IFTTT)

Although it wasn’t designed with social media monitoring in mind, IFTTT can be readily used for that purpose. IFTTT is essentially a way to connect services so that events on one can cause actions to happen on another.

You might, for instance, set up IFTTT to email you each time your brand is mentioned online. Alternatively, you can receive an SMS each time a term that you enter in a Twitter search gets posted. Alternatively, if you want to maintain the activity on your social media accounts with minimal work, you might set up IFTTT to ensure that, for example, every Medium post you recommend is uploaded to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

In another way, because of its customizable features and assortment of linked apps, it can serve as a useful tool for monitoring social media activity.

Make sure to look into and investigate the platform’s pre-existing “applets” and social media automation. Additionally, Udemy has a helpful course on IFTTT automation.

4. BuzzSumo

In addition to being a fantastic tool for content research, BuzzSumo offers a superb way to monitor and evaluate your Facebook pages. Even more intriguing than the stats pertaining to individual posts is the capability to observe which material performs the best.

BuzzSumo will tell you monthly statistics over time, the ideal day to post, the ideal length for your posts, and the kinds of material that perform well.

5. Boardreader

We forgetting that not everyone uses social media, not just the major players. Messaging boards and forums also qualify. Boardreader is an online search engine that lets you look up certain terms on a variety of forums and boards to find out when people discuss a given topic and what they’re saying.

Entering a phrase will yield a list of all these posts from the last two years; you may create charts to see patterns and contrast terms with one another. It’s a fantastic method to track down discussions on your business or a subject that interests you.

6. X Pro (currently rebranding from TweetDeck)

Every X user’s essential requirements are met by X Pro, even those of novices. It’s a fantastic tool for managing several accounts, tracking hashtags, scheduling posts, and keeping an eye on your interactions and communications. Users that have a subscription to X Premium can access X Pro.

7. Mention

Mention helps you keep track of all brand mentions on social media, news websites, forums, blogs, and other online pages. It does this by monitoring over one billion sources in up to 44 languages.

With the app, you can assign tasks, share alerts, and monitor the activities of your team. You can obtain a snapshot of your mentions by source or language during a chosen time period by creating reports and exporting mentions. They have various advanced choices starting at $41 per month, in addition to a free basic plan for individuals.

8. Twitonomy

For X (previously Twitter) on a tight budget, Twitonomy is the best social media monitoring tool because it provides a variety of metrics at no cost. Alternatively, you may purchase a single month for $20 or sign up for the monthly plan for $19. To access extensive monitoring and account metrics, just log in using your Twitter credentials. To learn more about the activities of your competitors, you might include their Twitter accounts.

You may view information about your Twitter lists, followings and followers, most popular tweets, engagement metrics, and a lot more with Twitonomy.

On Twitter, you can follow discussions based on lists, people, or hashtags. Graphs and easily interpreted statistics are used to present the details.

9. Sprout Social

A perfect solution for large organizations and agencies that track leads and customers on social media. All interaction data is consolidated in one location via Sprout Social. It implies that many users don’t have to ask colleagues to reiterate what has already been said in order to swiftly pick up conversations with leads and engage with followers.

With its social media analytics tool, users can generate insightful reports and monitor the evolution of variables like audience growth, reaction times, and amount of engagement.

Monthly rates for standard packages begin at $249, and each extra user is $199.

10. Keyhole

Keyhole is a great tool for hashtag and phrase tracking. It will track them in real time and produce a dashboard with all the mentions sorted by interaction, date, and additional metrics.

Based on the mentions gathered, you can also see trends, sentiment, and influencers.

11. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest social media monitoring and listening platform. Equipped with this instrument, you may discover how consumers interact with your brand and rivals on Pinterest through pins.

Tailwind will assist you with finding industry standards, hot themes, and category-level performance in addition to brand monitoring and engagement. Tailwind has a free base plan as well as $12.99/monthly additional choices.

12. Sendible

One of the greatest social media monitoring tools for people, organizations, and small enterprises to interact with their audience on many platforms is Sendible. Dashboards, analytics, publishing, and teamwork are among the features of the platform. Peer-to-peer review website has received numerous reports from users stating that agencies frequently utilize this technology to handle numerous accounts. The monthly pricing ranges from $29 to $399.

13. Fedica

Five languages are supported by Fedica, an AI-driven platform for Twitter administration and analytics. In order to better understand customer personas and guide their content strategy decisions, users can utilize AI-driven social analytics. Examine followers and real influencers, plan and produce posts with AI, and contrast competing accounts to identify perfect niches or shared followers.

Plans start at $10 per month and feature customizable options in addition to a free basic plan.

14. Brand24

Mention analytics, influence score, and sentiment analysis are some of the capabilities of Brand24, a platform for reputation management and media monitoring. Although the technology can be utilized by organizations of any size, customer reports on indicate that small enterprises (less than 50 employees) benefit most from using it. In addition to a free 14-day trial, the tool provides multiple subscription plans, with individual accounts starting at $79 per month.

15. AgoraPulse

The most well-known feature of this social media management tool is its consolidated social inbox, which enables users to conveniently handle all incoming mentions, comments, messages, and reviews in one location. The queue function, which enables users to produce content ahead of time and set it to autopilot, and the ability to share the social media calendar with clients were regularly cited in customer reviews on G2. Plans range from a basic free plan to a personalized one.

16. Awario 

Awario is a tool for brand monitoring that aids in social mention analysis. customers who left positive evaluations described the tool as a “smart solution for small businesses.” Favorite aspects of the site were also mentioned, including the daily email, Slack connectivity, and the ability to extract mention data into an Excel file. Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans are available.

17. YouScan

In addition to the help of its AI-powered software, YouScan can identify brand logos, scenes, objects, activities, and people. It can also convert any visual data into “visual insights.”

For instance, when a brand is present in a social media picture, the tool will gather contextual information about the items and people in the picture (such as the brand name and product users).

YouScan is great for determining sponsorship ROI, locating user-generated content, and locating and establishing contact with brand ambassadors, based on many online user reviews.

18. Zoho Social

Social media manager will find this tool useful if they want to schedule an infinite number of posts on various social networks—especially if they oversee several accounts.

Social marketers find it simple to enlist everyone’s help in managing social media accounts for various businesses because to the tool’s collaboration features and customizable user roles.

Different options are available for businesses and agencies from Zoho Social.

19. Buffer

Buffer is a popular scheduling and posting tool for social media used by small businesses. Users can plan social media campaigns by using Buffer to manage Twitter profiles, Pinterest accounts, LinkedIn company pages, Facebook fan Pages and groups, Twitter profiles, and more.

Users of Buffer like several features, but one of their favorites is the authorizing a post option. They claim that makes it simpler to approve or reject content while in different places.

20. Loomly

Loomly markets itself as a platform for brand success and highlights publishing, measuring, and collaboration as its main advantages.

Among its other capabilities, the platform allows users to promote on many social media platforms without ever leaving the site. It also provides daily recommendations for custom content and optimization advice for postings based on factors like time of day and day of week. Users can monitor all posts—not just those uploaded through Loomly—with the use of the analytics platform from Loomly. A free 15-day trial of Loomly is available; no credit card is needed.


If you’ve read thus far, you should know that there is competition in the market for social listening and monitoring tools.

Larger, more advanced enterprises are the target audience for the social media monitoring system we’ve developed, but we hope this list serves as a helpful starting point.

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