Search-Engine-Optimization| Links, Content, and Design

Links, Content, and Design do give value to your SEO.

If Web Design is the heart of a website’s success, SEO might be considered the brain. Normally, after the design phase is completed, a website is sent to be optimized. The website is currently unfinished, with no SEO features.

For both SEOs and designers, the burden of optimization makes things worse. The visually appealing website must be optimized by SEOs. To gain a higher ranking in SERPs, designers must make significant changes to it.

SEO isn’t some outdated snake oil with cliched techniques and rigid methodologies. It is a rapidly growing and ever-changing ‘happening’ field on the internet. Search engine ranking algorithms change so frequently that it’s easy to forget about meta tag optimization, keyword stuffing, and other techniques. Is it possible for Link, Design, and Content to add any value to a website in such a state of flux? Should web design and SEO work together to achieve this, if they do?
The answer is a big YES!

Make Value-Added Links

If SEOs and designers collaborate, there will be no more “click here” and “learn more” links on a website. We lose essential keyword rich anchor texts in internal navigation / internal linking when we try to make a clickable anchor text with terms like “click here” and “learn more.”

Make design that adds value

The term “link baiting” isn’t just for SEO purposes. Designers can also make use of it. Websites with exceptional design are more likely to attract visitors and receive more backlinks from bloggers. You can, on the other side, create a fantastic website, validate it using CSS, submit it to CSS galleries, and receive even more backlinks.

Make your content valuable                                                                                                  

Make your material more accessible to search engine bots. This can be accomplished by employing “source ordered content,” which entails putting material near the top of the page and using CSS to display page elements where they “belong.” It enables you to highlight keyword-optimized portions of your site, assisting you in achieving higher ranks for optimized keywords.

                                                                                                              Last but not least, let’s wrap up the footer section.

                                                            content, links and design add value of SEO