What is GIN Ads

Ground Intelligence Network Ads: Just running the digital ads is not good enough. One must select an approach that serves an advert intelligently to a target prospect. So here, let us introduce, one of the most dependable like Geofencing Marketing Ad Network “GROUND INTELLIGENCE NETWORK” alias GIN. It was originated from the concept of ARTIFICIAL DATA INTELLIGENCE.

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How Ground Intelligence Network Ads Works?

  • It works on the Ad Bubble Technology designed & created with DPA (Data Point Algorithm).
  • It collects specific advert bubbles from smartphone mobile apps based on one’s Ad preferences.
  • For example – If a person sees or likes an advert related to “real estate” then our system immediately creates an ad bubble id related to “real estate” and saves it under Device Profiling Container (DPC) for a particular user device id.
  • The objective is to understand the potential level of user demand against a particular product ad.
  • This technology filters out the pure user interests for business conversions.
  • Client Prerequisites: – Only PIN CODES or PHYSICAL LOCATION ADDRESSES.

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