Geofencing Automation Marketing

What is Geofencing Automation Marketing (GAM)

Geofencing Automation Marketing technology works on location data analytics (Latitude & Longitude). Geofence is a virtual radius draw on global map geo-coordinates to fix a periphery. And, within the set periphery who so ever enters into it is liable to receive ad prompts.

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Features of Geofencing Marketing

  • Publisher Targeting based on IP addresses with Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 User Engagement Matrix.
  • Reverse Dotting Techniques to capture the origin of Competitor URL threads. To grab the Audience from Potential Web Links.
  • Individual Device Capability Assessment – This gives more accurate ad penetration based on the volume of apps a particular device has installed and had in their inventory.
  • Ads of your taste – Systems capture the insights on what sort of ad content design entices a user a lot – This is to understand one’s ads liking the psychic or digital taste.
  • Like to Hike – This is mainly for the social networking web portals like Facebook – Here, an ad is not only served to you but to your top 5 most interacted friends too – The reason is to give a targeted user more confidence on the ad if the ad has been liked by any of his/her most interacted friend or friends.

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