Gozefo ( is a Banglore based E-Commerce Webite. Given they powered by the brand Quicker Homes, our team engaged with them to determine how best they could apply for the Google Grant of $10,000/month and also how best best to leverage it for their E Commerce Website.

First, our team had to apply for the Google Grant for our client which we were successfully approved for. Next, our team created a robust and highly segmented paid search campaign that including fundraising initiatives, advertising exposure for the E-Commerce website and membership drives in highly segmented parts of the India.

Our team not only helped the clients successfully increase its exposure for the E-Commerce website, due to meeting the max $10,000/month budget we were able to apply for the grantspro account which entails $40,000/month in advertising credit on Google’s search platform. To say the least, our engagement was a success.

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