The dealership already had a game plan, but in the last hour learned about geofencing marketing and our ability to target competitor locations and other areas in which people are searching car deals. A car dealership wanted to target consumers who showed interest in buying cars. The dealership hoped to capture more market share from their competitors and ultimately increase sales. They enlisted the help of Big Line Data System to target consumers at competitor locations.

Within 1 day, the Big Line Data System’s Team developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-optimization. Our team built geo-fences around competitor locations specified by the car dealership and placed a conversion zone around their store front to measure foot traffic back to their car dealership.
With quick learning from campaign launch, our team and multivariate algorithms optimized keywords and blacklisted specific domains to more precisely target consumers.

Through multiple tactics and optimizations, our team achieved a CTR of 0.13%, exceeding the industry average of 0.1%. Moreover, our unique reporting capabilities allowed us to track and determine that 37 people came from our client’s competitor locations into their dealership. The client experienced a 134% increase in foot traffic from the geofenced locations.
The campaign far exceeded our client’s expectations and thus will be rolling out to many of their other locations.

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